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About Us

This page of our new website is currently under construction. Please forgive that we don’t quite have everything connected just right yet. We hope to be connected soon!
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About WEG

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Our Purpose

To contribute to a world where everyone’s needs matter and to support peace in ourselves, our community, and beyond. We foster understanding and integration of nonviolent, compassionate communication and practices consistent with its principles through dialogue, seminars, study groups, workshops, retreats, fun, play and other appropriate means.

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Our History

In January of 2009, Jean McElhaney, Jennifer Warnick, Mary Kay Reinemann and Melissa Thielman, wanted to find a way to more easily connect those interested in NVC, share information about related events, build the local community and support their own learning and growth.  They gathered to combine lists of local people interested in NVC. Madison Area NVC was born at this first meeting and they began to send out announcements about NVC related offerings in Madison and the surrounding area, that they believed would be of interest to the community.

By June 2009, the occasional announcements had grown into a monthly newsletter and the offerings in the community increased as well, with ongoing practice groups, brown bag lunches on campus, parenting classes, mediation, Restorative Circles practice and trainings.  

In Oct 2010, Bob Wentworth designed a web site for Madison Area NVC.

In June of 2012 Madison Area NVC  incorporated as the Wisconsin Empathy Guild (WEG) Jennifer Warnick, Jean McElhaney, Judy Von Bergen, Sue Hessel and Mary Hoddy,

In Jan 2012 Robert Gonzales had a workshop in Madison

In November 2012, The Wisconsin Empathy Guild became a sponsored project of the nonprofit Center for Community Stewardship (C4CS) and joined the Center for Change in Madison.

Following a 2013 workshop in Sociocracy with Gregory Rouillard, we decided to use the Sociocratic method for our decision making organizational structure. Jean McElhaney, Mary Hoddy and Judy Von Bergen

March 2015 marked the beginning of the Facilitator’s Circle, a peer mentor group for those sharing NVC in the area.

In April 2016, the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) International Intensive Training (IIT) was held in Wisconsin.